Beautiful Spring Perennials For Our Gardens



Spring is usually the favorite season of nature-lovers!

It is the time when the leaves create a beautiful, colourful party with the clear blue skies. The spring breeze even affects the mood of the people. Of course, when talking about spring, we cannot forget the spring blooms!

For fans of flowers, we can help keep them around for years when planting spring perennials. These are the most common spring perennials and what they should know about these flowers.
Photo Credit: Pamela B

Fancy Pansy – The pansy is a vibrantly colored flower that can grow up to 10 inches and can be 12 inches wide. Scientifically known as Viola x wittrockania, it loves the cold weather. With 4-8 USDA zone, its petals will add instant cheer to the surroundings not only in spring but even in winter. Pansy seeds are planted before transplantation. This flower is best planted on the later part of winter to have perfect blooms come spring and summer.

Each seed should be at least seven inches away from another. It can handle full sunlight exposure. It comes in different colors – blue, pink, red, orange, purple, and yellow. Pansies are perfect for those who would love to attract butterflies in their gardens.
Photo Credit: Hornbeam Arts

Wonderful Winter Aconite – Others also call this flower Eranthis. It will definitely make people smile when they see these pale yellow babies popping out from the snow. A buttercup specie, it can form cheerful carpets and attract pollinating insects. It does not require constant maintenance at all. It can grow up to three inches in height and two inches in width. The winter aconite is best planted during autumn. Its ideal place is in a woodland garden. Plant it somewhere sunny and sue compost for optimum results.
Photo Credit: Chris

Grape Hyacinth the Great – We love this cute purple hyacinth that can grow up to 8 inches. These are best planted during autumn to ensure that it will get the optimum water amount. These hyacinths may be planted in either a sunny place or a shaded area. Hyacinths need their space because they can be quite evasive. These are virtually maintenance-free as it can survive with just the rainfall as its water source. It does not even need fertilizers. Its leaves regrow when cut off and when they simply die.


Terrific Yellow Trillium – The Yellow Trillium or the Trillium leteum is another flower that is perfect for woodland gardens. These white yellow beauties can grow to up to 16 inches in height and 12 inches in width. It has a USDA zone 5-8. It is best planted in the later part of summer or in the early part of autumn.
Photo Credit: Michael Levine-Clark

Crazy for Crocus – These are the perfect flowers if you want something to lighten your mood despite the snow. With shades of yellow and blue can be planted in full or even partial sunlight exposure. Perfect for loamy soil, the Crocus has the USDA zone three to eight. It comes in colors blue, pink, white, orange, purple, and yellow.


Flowers give off an unexplainable yet light touch to any surroundings. We will help you take good care of your perennial flowers so you can see cheerful surprises during winter and other seasons.

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