The Basics For Growing Indoor Herbs



Herbs are great for growing indoors and they are easy to grow and maintain. Herbs add color, feel and smell to a room that most other plants cannot. And dried herbs just do not compare with fresh ones when it comes to cooking.

Herbs add to room themselves, but the variety of containers that they can be grown in will also add to the room. With all these reasons, how can we go wrong with growing indoor herbs?

The standard terracotta pots are great but a little more inspiration is also good.  If you need a little guidance on which herbs and how to grow indoors we have included some advice.
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Indoor Herb Basics

Most herbs grow best in full sun. So a south facing window works best. More sun the more verities of herbs you will be able to grow. Choose the right kind of herbs to grow indoors. Some herbs, such as basil can be hard to grow indoors since they require 6 to 8 hours of full sun and this can be difficult in a window.

Parsley, mint, some varieties of thyme and oregano, chives and lemon balm grow great in an indoor window.
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The wider the leaf the better they do indoors. If a herb grows well in partial shade outdoors then it will do well indoors in the window. Herbs need good drainage, so make sure the pot and soil drain.  You may want to consider using some gravel in the bottom of the pot to make sure it drains well. Adding a little sand or grit to the mix is helpful also.

If you are going to use a container that holds moisture, such as glass or tin, place a little activated charcoal in the bottom as well. Do not over water.  Again let us say do not over water.  Wait until the top inch of the soil is dry before watering.

Too much water is the number one killer of inside plants. Fertilize weekly with a weak liquid fertilizer for good growth.  Cut you herbs and use them (or dry and save them) this will encourage new growth.
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Now that you know the basics of growing herbs indoors here are some ideas on container and holders for you indoor herb garden.  Anything can be made to work, from the very simple to the elaborate.


These are some more great examples of different ways of growing indoor herbs!
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