Attracting Dragonflies To Our Gardens



Dragonflies are beautiful insects and can be very helpful to have in the yard and garden because they eat up to their body weight in insects every half an hour. These creatures can be a big reason why our fly and mosquito problems halt and it’s in a natural way.

Here are some steps on how we can attract dragonflies to our gardens.

Keep in mind though, water is an essential when it comes to getting these critters in the garden and will be necessary!


1. The first step is to build a decently sized pond. A present source of water is essential to attracting dragonflies, so this one is important. Now, experts say that a pond of at least twenty feet in diameter is best, but just about any decently sized pool will do. The pond should be at least two feet because dragonfly nymphs will see this as the perfect opportunity to take cover from predators.

The pond should slope down, so that plants can grow on the side, and it should be put in an area that gets full sun because dragonflies are cold-blooded and attracted to sun.
Photo Credit: Andrea_44

2. Put some rocks, preferably light of color, in the sun, around the pond. This will give the insects an area to bask in the sun.

3. Put a log by the pond, and let it rot. This will become the ideal egg laying spot.

4. The pond should have a supply of both shallow and deep water plants. Some species of dragonflies tend to lay their eggs in the plants. Some shallow water plants you can consider are bog bean, flowering rush, bur-reed, and water horsetail. Some deep water plants are horn wort and curly pond weed.
Photo Credit: Kimberly

5. Add a few floating plants, just a few though because you do not want the floating plants to block the sun from the underwater. Yellow water lily, frog bite, and stiff-leaved water crowfoot are all good choices.

6. Let the grass around the pond build up. This will become a hunting, mating, and resting place for the dragonflies.

7. If you can, stock the pond area with dragonflies.





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