Another Great Gardening Method To Try Out

There are so many ways to garden and take care of your soil. Gardening trends can often change.

At one point people used a lot of pesticides and chemicals in their garden, and now organic gardening seems to be taking over.

The times are changing.

That is why I think that learning about new methods for in garden is so important and helpful. Even if you do not devout your garden to a certain method, new tips can be picked up by doing some research.
Photo Credit: Starry Hilder

That is why I choose a video to present today.

The video is by Starry Hilder and in it the woman answers questions and talks about the basics of the back to Eden gardening method that seems to be becoming more popular.

I found it to be very informational and interesting.

The back to Eden method, from what I can see, seems pretty simple and even more efficient than other ways of working your soil, such as tilling.

Basically, the back to Eden method is about layering your soil.

You just keep building it up!



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