Making the garden somewhere that is relaxing and well-done is something that a lot of us take pride in.

This is not always easy.

Between all of the plants, fertilizers, mulches, tools, and so much more, gardening can start to add up and get pricey.

Adding landscape and personality to this list can make things even worse!

Not anymore!

Here are seven ideas for adding personality and they are definitely for those of us on a budget!



  • Renovation. It is much easier and cheaper to just repair any damage that may be done than it is to replace it completely. Basically, this is just telling us to use what we have available to us. For example, we can fix things like stones on their own, and maybe move things around to create something like a walk way. There are a ton of natural resources all around us and at our disposal. Let’s make something great with them!


  • Take Care Of Dry Patches. Rethinking the dry patches that are in the lawn can do a lot for the garden and really make it look nicer. If there is a dry patch in the lawn, try taking them out and replacing with something else. Maybe add another garden bed, or a new pathway. We can use the materials around us, as talked in about in the first step, to do this.
Photo by: Fred Ortlip


  • Container garden can do a lot for the garden. Containers are often easy to take care of and keep up with, plus they can add a sense of dynamic and texture to the look of the garden. Not to mention, they are easy to move around. So, if something comes up, different areas are easily made to look better with just a simple relocating of the plants.


  • String lights! These lights are so cute and really bright the place up, pun very intended! They are very clean and simple, turning the garden into a well-lit, beautiful place of wonder in no time. Plus, these lights run pretty cheap. Ambiance is important.



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