Add Some Flavor To Our Life With Herbs



Growing your own herbs is such a great, healthy habit. And it’s extremely reliable and convenient, seeing how a lot of what we need for that amazing recipe is right in our backyard.

This simple joy can be extended even more with the help of this video, by Food Wishes, on how to grow your own culinary herb garden!

This makes cooking incredibly convenient and flavorful of course.
Photo Credit: greckor


In the video, John suggests growing some of the most-used and delicious herbs.

He suggests thyme chives, Italian parsley, sage, oregano, rosemary, basil, and mint.

John does a great job going over what variations and how much of each plant you should consider adding into your garden.

All of these suggestions make for an amazing meal! Conveniently, these types of herbs are very easy to grow, which is always an excellent thing.

John then goes over some great tips on how to ensure successful growth. If you are reusing a pot remember to empty out any residing dirt!


To start, it is helpful to place rocks, stones, or broken pieces of pottery at the bottom of the pot.

This will set grounds for well drained soil, which is prime condition for herbs.

You will then put an amount of soil in the pot, depending on the size of your plant.

Then plant as normal, John shows this process if you are a beginner.
Photo Credit: Anna M. Stevenson

After completing these things give it a nice soak and enjoy watching it grow!

Some tips include making sure that the soil reaches to where it was in the original pot, and pinching off the tops to encourage more growth.

Herbs are great plants to use one big planter for, so no problem if you are short on space.

John is very helpful and the video gives a great visual of everything so don’t forget to check it out and make everything more tasteful with herbs from your own garden!



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