A Plant Of Many Uses, Sorghum


The point to gardening, for most of us, seems to be making our own, organic food and being as sufficient as we can be.

Although we love our flower gardens, we also enjoy eating what grows in our vegetable gardens. We have never considered trying to be completely self-reliant.

There are a lot of people who have tried, and have even succeeded at doing this. When thinking about doing this, there are a ton of things to consider and keep in mind.

Today we are introducing a video by MIgardener about a very important plant to add to the garden when being, or thinking of being, self-sufficient.


Photo by: Pacific Northwest Caribbean Gardens


The information in it is very, very helpful, and ultimately can be an organic, cheap alternative for high protein products and animal food, such as for chickens.

The plant is called sorghum.

As said before, it is a type of grain and is very high in protein.

This is the reason that it is important to have in the garden if we have plans of self-sufficiency because we must make sure that we do not deprive our bodies of any nutrients, and therefore must factor all needed nutrients into our gardens.

In fact, sorghum has one of the largest protein to weight ratio, so this can basically cover that part of ours or our animal’s diets.

There are so many positive things about this plant!

We have a friend that loves to fish and uses it fermented as an attraction to gather the catfish into the spot he is fishing at.

Yes, it really does attract them.


Photo by: jamie case


Besides the protein, it is very gentle on your soil, which is unlike wheat and will not leave it nutrient-deprived.



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