7 Beginner Tips For Organic Gardening



Organic gardening is always very interesting, and a lot of people consider it the most healthy way to grow vegetables. I have to agree.

Though it’s not much different, there are a few things that make a difference.

Here are seven tips on organic gardening that may definitely be better for beginners.


Photo Credit: Karen Cardoza


  • It is important for your garden to have a lot of sun. Usually, full sun means about eight hours a day. For most of your vegetables, heat and full sunlight is very important in the growing season. So stay away from the super shady spots when planting your garden.

  • Limit yourself at first. Starting small and taking baby steps is very important when you first start out. The rule of thumb usually is about fifty to one hundred square feet per person in your household who will be consuming the produce. Also, make a variety of vegetables in that small space. You can do this by only planting a couple plant of each vegetable. Really test the waters and get acne grip on the organic gardening skill before you do too much.

  • Your soil should be well taken care of and enriched. Your soil really determines the conditions of your plants. So, to make it very good you can add a few layers of compost and stay persistent with a two to four inches layer of straw, or leaf, mulch. Also, keep it watered and moist.

  • Really consider buying your plants. This is really not too expensive at all and trying to start your own plants indoors can be difficult and unnecessary when you’re just starting out.

  • Fertilize frequently. This can really build a great foundation for your soil and help things a lot. Liquid fertilizers are great. Two really helpful ones are sea minerals and fish fertilizers because they provide a wide range of nutrients. Consider fertilizing about once a month.


Photo Credit: hardworkinghippy


  • Microbes are great for your garden. You can take your fertilizer and add a microbial inoculate (such as composted tea or microorganisms) and a source of sugar, like molasses. This tip is huge and very important for your garden.

  • Water, water, water. Stay on top of this one when it is needed.




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