7 Beautiful Flowers That Bloom In Spring



Spring season is a period of regeneration for plants. It is the ideal time for fresh flowers to bloom. Naturally, spring flowers are fragrant and beautiful. They help in creating a merrier and good atmosphere in the garden after the long and monotonous winter season.

Several flowers blossom in the spring, but there are those who are widely known for their ability to bloom during the early period of spring. They are otherwise noted to be early bloomers.

These varieties of flowers include Crocuses, Freesia Flowers, Yellow Trillium, Hyacinths, Vinca, Pasque Flower, Snowdrops, Magnolia trees and more. They are presented as gifts, used for decorations and are grown with loving care.


Here is some list of flowers that bloom in spring:


1.  Crocuses

Photo Credit: Natalia Wilson


Crocuses are considered by many as the first Spring Flowers, unveiling the departure of winter with attractive yellow, purple, pink, or white petals.

These early bloomers are commonly short and small, but if cultivated in mass, they can be most effective in the garden.

Crocuses also vary in size from delicate blooms to more elaborate versions.


2. Freesia Flowers


Photo Credit: Toshiyuki IMAI


Freesia Flowers are one of the most fragrant flowers. Its bulbs are commonly grown for use as cut flowers. Freesia Flowers are African in origin. They are very sweet-smelling, usually white or yellow, and are borne in spike-like racemes.

This blooming attraction encapsulates your heart and is a springtime most loved flowers.


3. Daffodils


Daffodils are trumpet-like flowers that are yellowish in color. They are a member of the Amaryllidaceae family and are related to the jonquil and narcissus.

These attractive flowers are easy to grow. The bulbs are poisonous. Because of the poison they possessed, deer, mice, and other rodents leave them alone.

They naturalize well and look good in mass plantings.



4. Hellebore


Photo Credit: Matt

This flower is also known as Christmas rose or Lenten rose. Hellebores produce spring flowers of sheer ambiance and surprising toughness.

Hellebore for the longest time has relished the recognition of being among the most popular flowers in the world.

The reason for its recognition may be its wide variety regarding color, size, fragrance and other notable attributes.




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