6 Annual Vines For Our Yards




We recently thought it may be good to add some annual vines to my garden. If I’m not alone in this, then this article will be a major help. Vines can be helpful for so many different reasons. These are some great annual vines to add to the garden and some general information about them. We recently thought it may be good to add some annual vines to my garden. If I’m not alone in this, then this article will be a major help. Vines can be helpful for so many different reasons.

These are some great annual vines to add to the garden and some general information about them.


1. Morning Glory

Photo Credit: Elena I.


This plant grows very fast and is beautiful. The flowers on this vine come in different colors of blue, purple, pink, and white. Some types even offer bicolored flowers. This plant is called morning glory because it only blooms in the morning. It can get to be about fifteen feet tall and should be planted somewhere sunny to ensure success.

Make sure to keep up with it to avoid quick spreading. It can take a while to bloom when started from seed, so consider starting it early in the season, especially if the season tends to be cut short.


2. Cardinal Vines

Photo Credit: victoriafee


This vine makes pretty flower in shades of red, pink, or white. It climbs really fast and has very cool foliage that resembles feathers. Cousin to the morning glory, the cardinal vine’s flowers also only bloom in the mornings and close in the afternoons. The vine reaches to at least fifteen feet and should be somewhere sunny.


3. Cypress Vine

Photo Credit: chapstickaddict


This plant blooms in the morning and has flowers in red, pink, or white. It has foliage that is very pretty and looks finely trimmed. This vine is simple to begin from seed but it can take about four months to bloom, so consider beginning early.


4. Spanish Flag

Photo Credit: uacescomm


This is definitely one of the most colorful on this list. The flowers are clustered and they start out as red. As the plant gets older the flowers fade to a cream color. This has a very cool, multicolored effect. The leaves are also big and lobed. They add a certain charm to the vine. They can get to be at least twelve feet tall and needs full sun. it some areas, this plant is a perennial.


5. Hyacinth Bean

Photo Credit: CameliaTWU


This vine has light purple flowers that are blooming all summer. It is also very fragrant. The flowers will eventually turn into seed pods that are a burgundy color, leaving us with beautiful colors no matter what. The foliage is tinted with purple and the plant reaches at least fifteen feet. This is another one that can be a perennial in areas that do not frost.


6. Nasturtium

Photo Credit: Audrey


These plants offer flowers in red, orange, yellow, peach, and cream. It is beautiful and the flowers are edible. They make a delicious addition to the table. This one only gets to be about six feet, maybe a little more. Plant where it will get full sun.






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