5 Great Composting Tips




Maintaining a compost pile doesn’t have to be difficult with the right information. Doing our basic research on the best practices and tips can be the difference between having a successful compost and it being a complete failure.

Here are some great tips to try with our compost pile when they start having issues!


  1. Make sure your compost pile has enough heat. Depending how the amount of heat you may need to vary your color ratios.

  2. Your compost should never stink! That’s one thing some people can mistake about a compost pile. If you’re doing it right then your compost pile should not put off a trash, mildew like smell.

  3. Don’t be scared to heavy water your compost if you notice that it keeps drying out. If your compost isn’t damp, it’s unable to do what it needs to breakdown the material.

  4. Keep a bucket in your kitchen to store the compost items that you collect through the day. This will save you having to make multiple trips out to your compost pile.

  5. One of the first signs that your compost pile might be ready is that your compost pile will have a rich dark color to it.

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