Irises are such beautiful plants that just might be an amazing addition to our gardens. If we are wanting to add some color, or elegance I think that these are the flowers for us. These plants thrive in USDA zones three through nine, because the weather gets under freezing in the winter. When this

Comparing Different Types Of Mulch

  Gardening is a long process. This makes doing different experiments difficult because of the time it takes to get good results, and also the money and effort that is put into something that we are not so sure about.   It can be hard to expand our horizons when it comes to gardening because

Plants That Grow Well In September

  September is coming up and so is a new season. Do we have any clue what to add to our gardens for this time of the year? Well, if there is a struggle there, like there is for me, this will be a big help. Here are some great plants to start growing in