Great Plug Plants

  What are plug plants? Well, they are plants that are added to a garden in order to spice it up and add some color to it. And the best part? They are easy. Plug plants are simply there for aesthetic pleasure, and they are not raised from seeds, but rather bought strong and ready

Ways To Extend The Growing Season

    Growing seasons do not always give enough time for us to accomplish everything that we need, or want, too. With these simple tips, you can make your growing season longer by two to six months, which is crazy!   Protect your plants from the wind. High winds take a lot of a plant’s

Eight Easiest Perennials To Grow

    Okay, let’s be honest with ourselves. Gardening can be hard, tiring work and it is great, but everyone needs a little bit of a break sometimes. So, here are some plants for “lazy gardeners,” if that even exists. I like to think of these plants as easy for gardeners who need some peace