State Flowers For The US

  It would be pretty awesome to represent our home states in the garden. Every state has a state flower to help represent it. I have been lucky in my life to have visited all fifty states. Not by flying in and out but by driving through them. It would be a fun thought to

Why Should We Garden?

  Gardening is a terrific thing to do, but it can be difficult and time consuming. It really can. I think it is important to get in touch with why we garden, and also, for the people who are thinking about starting, why we should garden. Let’s do some great self-reflecting and get back down


  Relationships are all about growth, well why don’t we put literal meaning to that? Flowers have always been given to show love and our feelings to others. Instead of giving the cut flower why not give the plant? We have a gardenia bush that my mother in law gave us before our wedding and