The Perfect Edge To Our Garden Beds

  When we follow these four easy steps we can create and keep our beds edges neat and sharp.   Well defined lines in the garden give a clean and smooth finished look to our beds. Sharp edges give a clear start to the stage of our planning and maintenance we do in our gardens.

6 Annual Vines For Our Yards

    We recently thought it may be good to add some annual vines to my garden. If I’m not alone in this, then this article will be a major help. Vines can be helpful for so many different reasons. These are some great annual vines to add to the garden and some general information


    There are so many discussions and debates on this topic and really, we hear so much about going organic. But here it is, the pros and cons of both chemical and organic fertilizers. I, personally, believe that organic can be safer and just feel more comfortable knowing that everything I use in my